2Agree Consulting provides services in three main areas:


We provide support for the Developer, Investors and public or private institutions in the management of their Real Estate and Construction businesses: Construction and Restoration of Buildings, Infrastructures and Special Engineering Projects.
We support our clients at every stage of the operations:
  • In the preparation of feasibility studies and in setting up the business;
  • In contracting and monitoring the final projects;
  • In negotiating with and hiring contractors;
  • In supervising and monitoring project implementation, safety coordination and works contract management, monitoring and controlling quality, costs and deadlines in relation to the goals defined for the operations;
  • In operation and maintenance.


We provide management support services for Works Contracts, helping our clients to get better economic and financial results.
We support and defend our clients:
  • Systematically and continuously, in the contractual management of one or more works contracts.
  • Case-by-case, in operations aimed at protecting the contractual rights of our clients, particularly preparing or challenging claims, such as Requests for Restoring Financial Balance, Requests for Extending Deadlines and other sundry claims under the scope of works contracts;
  • Supporting the implementation of operational improvements in our clients’ organisations (Organisational Consultancy);
  • In operations involving contractual disputes, such as Arbitration of technical or contractual investigations.


To meet the technical support needs of our clients:
  • We carry out Technical Investigations on all kinds of projects;
  • We prepare Technical Opinions;
  • We carry out Technical and Budget Studies;
  • We prepare Work and Resource Planning Studies;
  • We organise real estate property assessments through a valuer registered with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission;
  • We support our clients by optimising projects, with the aim of achieving appropriate value engineering;
  • We provide a number of technical assistance services in the various phases of project implementation.

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